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Scribe automatically creates how-to documentation, simply by following along as you work

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What our users have to say:

Make step-by-step guides in minutes, not days.

  1. Record your workflow 

  2. Customize your guide

  3. Share via a link, export, or embed


  • Share however you want: one-click link sharing, PDF, smart embed, and more
  • Integrate with any application you use


  • Document while you work
  • Customize until it fits your exact needs
  • Secure sensitive information with auto redaction


  • Find answers within your workflow
  • Maintain documentation in your central, searchable library
  • Standardize how knowledge is shared 

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Get Scribe for Free

Trusted by hundreds of thousands of teams:

Unlike video-based tools, consuming a Scribe is much quicker. I can figure out how to do something at a glance, instead of sitting through a video.

Dec 2021

Arjun B

"Super efficient to create and consume!"

The interface is clean and easy to understand and you can pick it up immediately. I'm still trying to figure out how it knows what screen grabs I'm going to need but it gets it right every time.

Jan 2022

Niel S 

"Save time, save money with Scribe"

We are thrilled that we found this solution. Scribe will enable us to quickly create new (and rework old) instructions for our many products.

Feb 2022

Lance E

“Fantastic solution for many problems”

The best part about Scribe is it saves a hell lot of time. Just use it and it deploys a step-by-step tutorial for you to share.  We especially use this with our employees too if there's any software they don't know how to use it.

Jan 2022

Tejas R

"Saves a lot of time. Loved it"

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