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Share your expertise with new hires in seconds. Automatically generate and share step-by-step guides for any process.

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Scribe is extremely helpful for professionals looking to organize themselves and the tasks at hand in their companies. 

Stanford University School of Medicine

Zulema G.

Make it easier for new employees to onboard

Create and share a how-to in seconds

  1. Record your workflow 

  2. Presto! Scribe automatically creates a guide for you

  3. Share via a link, export, or embed

Trusted by tens of thousands of teams:

Improve onboarding experience

Effective guides to help your teammates learn faster. Scribe creates easy-to-follow visual step-by-step guides for any process.

Crowdsource expertise

With Scribe, anyone can share how-to fast, enabling rapid peer-to-peer knowledge sharing from tenured employees to new hires. 

Make know-how accessible

Scribe guides can be shared via a link or embedded into the current tools you already use (i.e Confluence, Guru). Shared links and embeds are always up to date so you don’t have to worry about finding or updating expired information. 

Scribe helps onboard remote and hybrid employees with ease

Ontario Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development

I love how Scribe simplifies the process of transferring knowledge to new employees who are unfamiliar with certain programs.

Jean M.

Brennen B.


We're hiring dozens of people every week, and Scribe has made our onboarding, ramping up, and training processes significantly faster and better.

Reece B.

Sutter Hill Ventures

Extremely easy to share processes with team members without spending time drafting up guides. Nice to be able to keep a store of record, too.