Scribe AI takes care of the most dreaded part of your job: documenting processes. Scribe AI automatically creates SOPs, training manuals and process overviews for any business process.

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99% of employees* say they never want to document a process ever again. 

So don't.

Introducing Scribe AI

AI that writes process documents for you

Scribe is the AI platform that helps you document any process — so you can focus on the process, not the documentation.

Automatically create step-by-step guides

Using Scribe's browser extension, Scribe automatically creates step-by-step guides for all your processes.

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Share what you know, in seconds

In just a few seconds, you've taken everything you know out of your head and put it on paper for colleagues and clients to learn from.

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Use Scribe AI to document processes 

in seconds, not days.

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*Not a real survey, but hard to argue with, huh?